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DATE: 26th April 2019


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TFP have launched – and we’re bidding to change recruitment in the UK forever. Baby steps and all that.

We believe great employees are the cornerstone of any business but are convinced that not enough effort is made to identify the best candidates and match them up with the right vacancies.

We think that’s a crying shame so we vowed to devise a system for identifying the best candidates for specific jobs that is both smarter and works harder than the norm.

Sworn enemies of conformity, we locked ourselves in a cellar for over a year with a little more than a pen, a paper and a family pack of Pringles to keep us company.

And now we’ve come out the other side – older, wiser, in desperate need of the toilet. And with a system that we are convinced is worth its weight in gold for employers.

The first step is to clarify precisely what the employer is looking for so we ask employers to prioritise the skills they value. They can even opt out of any they deem are irrelevant to them.

In effect, employers ‘build’ their dream recruit. Then we find that recruit for them, searching through hundreds of candidates for each job.

Every candidate will have to answer hundreds of questions that test anything from verbal, numerical or diagrammatical skills or error checking to a their ability to organize and prioritise work, deal with real-life situations and grasp important concepts.

They will also be given at least two interviews with TFP staff before they make it on to a shortlist of candidates that we put forward to the client.

Only the top five percent have a chance of making a shortlist so we really are talking about the cream of the crop.

All this time the client can track how the search is going – and amend what they require if the role has changed.

We don’t believe you’ll find anything else as thorough or responsive to your needs, no matter how hard you look.

It was about time things changed. Now they have.

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