The Science of Opportunity...

Top Five Percent is a hybrid recruitment agency and technology platform, delivering outstanding, pre-screened and tested finance and accountancy candidates ready to hire.

We call it the science of opportunity.

Find Work

Let us connect you with the best employers, and help find the job that’s right for you.

Find Talent

We’ll deliver you the best pre-screened, tested and proven candidates for your roles.

What makes TFP different

We take the guesswork out of recruitment. Our experienced team will scour the market, and identify the best talent for your business. We’ll then put shortlisted candidates through highly specialised skills, attitude and aptitude testing, using our pioneering technology platform, T5. Result: the perfect fit.

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Recruitment, reimagined

We are a true hybrid agency, and we believe in a data-driven approach. We are proud to merge expert human knowledge with leading-edge technology to create a recruitment agency than delivers on its promises.

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We help launch your career

Our experienced recruiters take the time to really find out where you’ll flourish. We work tirelessly on your behalf to promote you to top tier employers: we’re here to accelerate your career.

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“TFP has been extremely responsive and helpful in helping me in my job search and career progression. I had a great communication with Hasib and the software they use is very easy and it makes the process very exciting. They matched both my skills and personality to the right role and company. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Eva Grammatea

Trainee Accountant - Howlader and Co.

 “I couldn’t have got where I am without TopFivePercent. TFP made showcasing my skills so much easier, I much preferred it to a standard interview. The online exams were clear and well laid out making the process so much more enjoyable. Hasib and Ellie between them were amazing, and allowed me to match up to a job that fits me perfectly. I highly recommend Hasib, Ellie and TFP to anyone looking for their perfect job!”

Shriya Thaker

Office Manager - Howlader and Co.

“Hasib, Ellie and the rest of the team at Top Five Percent provided a fantastic service to me during my search for a new career. As a result of their connections, I was able to find a job in my ideal career. The online exams were easy to use and was a useful method of distinguishing myself as a high quality candidate.”

Mathew Adams

Case Administrator - Hudson Weir

”Being in charge of recruitment at Contabooks SRL I can say without a doubt that TFP has greatly improved our results. The last 10 employees hired at our firm came through TFP. With the help of the online exams we were able to select only the best people for the interview stage, thus greatly reducing time and costs wasted on long and unfruitful interviews. It’s difficult for me to imagine going back to an old recruitment process”

Michael Vasile Sandor

Consultant - Contabooks SRL

Third Floor, 61 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7NJ

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