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DATE: 26th April 2019


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The TFP team have decades of experience under our belts both as employers and recruiters and we are convinced employers have been missing a trick for years.

We find plenty of traditional top candidates – straight As, a first-class degree from Oxbridge, that kind of thing – are incredibly good at their jobs. Shock horror. Don’t worry, that’s not the punchline.

They are clearly highly intelligent and the chances are they’ve worked hard to get where they are. Two extremely important qualities that every employer would cherish.

But we find other qualities can be just as important in any number of jobs – qualities you would be hard pressed to identify on a CV.

After all, an A* in GCSE Physics won’t help you impress clients in a presentation and a top degree from Cambridge doesn’t make you a team player when the chips are down at work.

At TFP we make it our mission to identify a candidate’s personal skills, aspirations and motivations to make sure they are the right fit for any given job – and any given workplace.

We’ve got plenty of tricks up our sleeve to make sure we get as much out of our interviews as possible but it goes without saying interviews are just one piece of the puzzle.

Our tests are also tailor made to help identify candidates that have all the practical skills and personality traits to be an asset in the workplace – not just to pass exams.

We test how well candidates can juggle different tasks, respond to difficult real-life situations and act under pressure when the clock is ticking and they are getting pulled in various directions.

The sort of stuff you don’t learn in the classroom.

We are convinced there are plenty of fantastic candidates that have fallen by the wayside because their 2:1 was from a red brick university or they only got a B in A Level History.

We aren’t saying these candidates are better. They may well not be. We are just saying they should get a chance to show what they can do.

Most don’t live up to our high standards – after all, we reject 19 out of every 20 candidates we see. But our clients don’t need to worry about that. We sort the wheat from the chaff so they don’t have to.


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